Songkran is the Thai new year and Thai new year involves water. A lot of water. Kids will be sat outside homes and shops ready to throw water on people. But the best sight is to see people in the back of trucks throwing water at each other.

All taken from the safety of a dry car.


Around the Sanctuary

As well as the Sanctuary itself, visitors can also see the workshop where people are working on carvings for the building. Fascinating stuff.

The Sanctuary of Truth

This hidden gen is tucked away by the beach of northern Pattaya, Thailand. The Building is a massive structure built entirely of wood, (I think it is the largest wooden structure in the world at the moment). Made up of four wings, the carvings reflect the branches of Buddhism tradition found in Thailand, India, Nepal and China. A truly amazing place. (And they are still building it).


Sun rising over flamborough beach

I’ve only been to Flamborough a couple of times with my camera and never really appreciated it until recently. An amazing landscape that I have only scratched the surface of. I love discovering places that inspire me and recharges the soul. Something that is becoming more of a necessity as I get older.