The battleground that is Photography

Photography sometimes seems like a battleground. I first came across this around the time Canon released the 300D. That was probably when digital cameras really started to become a viable format that photographers could afford. That battleground was the infamous digital verses film with the digital camp declaring firmly that film would die out. (Well guess what? It isn’t, so there!)

It wasn’t the first battleground though. There have been many in photography’s past. Colour verses monochrome. 35mm verses medium format. Film verses glass plate, Canon verses Nikon.

I saved that until last as that is the one I find myself in the middle of at the moment. I’ve tried many makes of camera, but I can hand on heart say that the best two are Canon and Nikon. Both offer excellent camera’s and lenses and most especially, both offer the opportunity to upgrade to more serious kit if necessary. In the end, I settled on Nikon, simply because it gave me all the things I loved about Pentax – which was the first lens mount I started with – without any of the things I disliked about Pentax.

The F100 and F80 were my weapons of choice and both were excellent cameras. They were nice to hold, nice to use and the metering and auto-focus was pretty rock solid. Canon though, always lurked in the background. Before settling on the Nikons, I tried out the Eos 50E and 30. Both were very nice, and the 50E will always be one of my favourite cameras. The EOS design is probably the most ergonomic and comfortable of any camera anywhere. But I preferred using the Nikons, so I stuck with them.

Why is this an issue now? Well, there was always a little niggle in the back of my mind – did I really give the Canon bodies a good enough run? So when I moved to Digital this year I decided to go back to Canon and got myself a nice EOS 40D. After three months, I was reminded of all the quirks I disliked about Canon, or maybe it was simply that I was so used to Nikon cameras, that I felt somewhat homesick. I gave it another month before deciding it was time to return home and have now got my hands on a new D90 with 18-105 lens.

It’s not that Nikon is best. It’s not that Canon sucks. It’s simply a fact that Nikon cameras work the way I work. Simples.

One thought on “The battleground that is Photography

  1. Some excellent points. You are correct, the top runners are the top runners for a reason — they are both consistently good.

    I counsel newcomers seeking my advice (I am long-time Nikon user) that either (Canon or Nikon) produce great cameras and lenses (and sometimes they do produce some dogs too). I also point out that once they make a choice, that the lenses they buy will lock them into their decision. I advise them, once they decide on a manufacturer, to research and purchase high-quality lenses to build a solid collection because camera bodies will be replaced but we don’t tend to purchase new lenses very often.

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