Black Rapid RS-4

Black Rapid are probably the market leader when it comes to camera sling straps. They certainly have the brand reputation, but with that comes a price to match. The RS-4 costs around £50 in the UK, and can be found at Jacobs, Jessops and various online retailers. The strap comes nicely packaged in a box […]

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Carry Speed CS-1 Review

Instead of copying the Black Rapid strap, Carry Speed took the sling strap and put their own stamp on it. Designed in Houston, Texas, it gets some good reviews on YouTube and is good value for money, so I was interested to see how it stood up against the Q Strap. The strap is available […]

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The Q Strap Review

The Q Strap, Quick Strap, or whatever they’re calling it today, is a direct knock off of the Black rapid straps. They’ve even copied the logo, replacing the R with a Q!! Chinese made, the main difference is the camera mount. The Q strap uses a flat plate with a hole at the side which […]

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Camera Straps

Rule number 8: Camera Straps are a pain in the neck I’m not a fan of camera straps. If I have one attached to my camera, I tend to wrap it around my wrist. I could live without them, but it’s nice to have the security of having something just in case I get clumsy, […]

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