The Q Strap Review

The Q Strap, Quick Strap, or whatever they’re calling it today, is a direct knock off of the Black rapid straps. They’ve even copied the logo, replacing the R with a Q!! Chinese made, the main difference is the camera mount. The Q strap uses a flat plate with a hole at the side which allows the camera to hang at a more natural position, allegedly.

First impressions

The Q Strap

It arrived in a plain poly bag with the Q logo. No extra fuss or packaging. The strap looked good, but the plate stank and it took a couple of months to get rid of the smell. No amount of cleaning could get rid of it. It did go eventually though, but I’d be cautious about leaving it your camera bag until the smell goes away. That said, it is a genius mount and has two major benefits over the connector that comes with the Black Rapid, which I’ll cover later.

Build quality seems okay. The carabiner is a gun metal colour and the gate has a locking screw so it doesn’t unhook accidentally. The strap is made from a seat-belt type material which I like and includes a single bumper, which acts as a ‘stop’ for the camera, making sure it hangs where you want it too.

It can be bought on eBay for about £15 and is the cheapest of the 3 I’m looking at.


The pad is pretty comfy with plenty of padding. It sits nicely on the shoulder thanks to it’s slight ergonomic design. This brings me to the first advantage of the connecting plate – the camera really does hang at your waist in a more natural and comfortable position. The lens hangs back against your waist and the camera doesn’t feel heavy at all.

 In use

Q strap
The Q Strap being ably modelled by my son.

The pad has a small zip pocket that holds two memory cards. Not really necessary but useful to have.  The carabiner glides smoothly up and down the strap allowing you to grab and shoot quickly. The only irritation is that the pad does slide back over your shoulder with use. There are two ways around this. First push the camera back against the bumper when returning it to your waist. That pushes the pad back into position. Second – buy an arm strap. Sadly, The Q strap doesn’t have that option, so you’ll have to fashion your own, or buy one from a competitor.

The connecting plate also allows for a tripod quick release plate to be attached, making it quick to unhook, attach your camera to the tripod, shoot and hook it back onto the strap. That’s another benefit not offered by the Black Rapid connector.


It doesn’t include a second bumper, and there’s no arm strap, but other than that, the Q Strap gets a thumbs up. Considering it is less than half the price of the Black Rapid strap, it is excellent value for money.

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2 thoughts on “The Q Strap Review

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  2. Dale Potter

    Bought both the single and double Q strap. Quality seemed good and got much appreciated use out of it. However, let the buyer beware ! With camera attached and hanging off my shoulder I was listing to a rowing coach. Suddenly without warning the camera dropped onto the pavement. There is a knob at the top of the swivel. it somehow worked its way loose and dropped off the harness. Result: a $1,900 Nikon camera body had the auto focus damaged and could not be repaired by Nikon. I contacted the company in the UK and they blew me off. No replacement of camera, but would not even replace the shoulder harness because it was out of warranty and I didn’t have a sales receipt. Who keeps these things? They may have corrected this design flaw but I don’t trust them. Solution is to install a key ring between strap and the locking mechanism. I would recommend this on any brand should strap. That knob design that allows the camera to swival is a design flaw.

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