Carry Speed CS-1 Review

Instead of copying the Black Rapid strap, Carry Speed took the sling strap and put their own stamp on it. Designed in Houston, Texas, it gets some good reviews on YouTube and is good value for money, so I was interested to see how it stood up against the Q Strap. The strap is available from their website, but if you’re outside Canada or the US, you’ll only be able to get it on eBay. It costs £17.95 with Express international postage costing about as much again, so factor that in if you’re a foreigner like me.

One thing Carry Speed has thought a lot about is the quality side of the strap. They point out the strengths of the connecting plate (the same type of plate as supplied with the Q strap), the fact that the carabiner can take up to 150 lbs in weight and the fact that it comes supplied with the ‘Uni strap’ (more about that later.)

The Carry Speed CS-1 sling strap

Indeed, first impressions are good. The strap arrived without any wasteful packaging, just the strap, attached to a display card. I liked that as it meant I was paying for the strap and nothing else. The pad is made of a similar material to the Q Strap, but has a substantial waterproof backing. The pocket is a full length one, more than doubling the size of the one found on the Q strap.

The strap is really comfy, and sits nicely on the shoulder, but I did find that I either had to have the strap too long, else there wasn’t enough slack to bring the camera up for shooting.

Ilya wears the CS-1 and smiles too.

In use the strap starts to let itself down. The connecting plate, although the same design as the one used by the Q Strap, does feel sturdier on the camera, however, getting it hooked and unhooked was a real pain. The hole on the plate just kept bashing against the hook, rather than sliding onto it. The twin bumpers are also more awkward to adjust, as is the strap, which really became an issue while trying to get it the right size for my son, and then re-adjust it for me. The other thing I realised is that there is an awful lot of strap to adjust, giving the impression it wasn’t designed for people with less than a 40 inch chest.

The real bonus was getting an under-arm strap and the ‘uni strap’. First the ‘uni strap’. This little gizmo loops onto the connecting plate and also hooks onto a trouser belt loop. This prevents the camera flopping around when you lean forward. It has a quick release clip for when you want to use the camera. In reality, it was annoying. Bring the camera up to shoot and this extra dangly bit just gets in the way. It does work to prevent the camera flopping around, and provides a little extra security, but I really didn’t think it was worth it.

So onto the under-arm strap. After all, this was the main reason for buying the strap. Boy was I disappointed. First gripe is that carry Speed really don’t design for slim people. This strap is so big I couldn’t get it tight enough. Ok, so I can jerry-rig it and fix that, but the second gripe is that the quick release buckle is right smack bang in the middle, so it sits nicely under the armpit, right where it shouldn’t be. It was so uncomfortable I had to take it of after a couple of minutes. Sure, I could jerry-rig that too, but it’s something Carry Speed really need to look at if it wants to gain a bigger market share.

I have to say I really, really wanted to like this strap, and in a way I do. The look of the strap is my favourite of the three, including the Black Rapid. The pad is comfy and I don’t feel the weight of the camera at all. But in use, it sucks. I can’t say it any fairer. They need to shorten the length of the strap, make the bumpers easier to open and adjust, change the design of the under-arm strap, and give up on the ‘uni strap’ as a gimmick, sort out the issues between the carabiner and the plate and then…..they’ll probably have the best sling strap on the market and be in a position to give Black Rapid a run for their money.

Is it a bad strap? Well, let me put it this way – if I had to choose between a nice luxury neck strap, or the CS-1, I’d choose the CS-1. Would I choose the CS-1 over the Q Strap? I so want to say yes, but the honest answer is no. The Q Strap is just a better strap. All that remains is to see how both of those stand up to the Black Rapid.

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3 thoughts on “Carry Speed CS-1 Review

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  2. My experience with the Carry Speed is less than favorable. I used it in collaboration with the Manfrotto speed plate. The Carry Speed screw has a threaded receptor for the plate to screw other devices with the proprietary plate design. This was the reason I purchased the plate. The “dual screw” that secures the plate is the problem. It wasn’t engineered lets say to handle holding any weight. What were they thinking, not anything to do with the correct way of casting or welding two metals together ! I had the camera setup on shoulder then went to a tripod to get a long exposure of a fire dancer. Mount on pistol grip in landscape, great! Now a shot in portrait..rotate pistol grip sideways and it falls off at the screw… EX580, 24-70 L 2.8, D M2 with battery grip all hit the cement floor. Flash destroyed, camera and grip with savage scars, thank god I used the bayonet on the front of the lens, it scraped but lens was ok. What a piece of garbage is all I can say. If you are going to copy your competitors and “invent” a plate to make it unique, at least put it thru a few tests before selling it with the features you boasted. I will never purchase this again.

    1. Glad to see I’m not the only one to have had this problem. Having used both the Carry Speed and the Q strap a bit more since the review, both plates share the same flaw. Any rotation of the camera on a tripod and the plate comes loose. I use a Sirui tripod which has two ‘prongs’ that you can flip up and prevents the camera slipping somewhat. I’d like to think that this is a design flaw that will be looked at in the future.

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