Fountains Abbey Revisited

Had a quick visit to Fountains Abbey again to try another view of the Cellarium. Used a 10-20 mm lens to really capture as much of the space as possible and set up with a tripod, small aperture and a lot of patience. After the serious stuff was out of the way, I had a […]

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Favourite Locations: Bolton Abbey

Rule 19: Go Back Thirty minutes from home in the opposite direction of Fountains Abbey is Bolton Abbey, located near Skipton, in the Yorkshire Dales. The Abbey ruins sit in a large estate that stretches along the River Wharfe and not only has the Abbey ruins, but there are plenty of walks along the river. […]

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Timing is Everything

Rule 23: Timing is everything When I read that rule back to myself, my first thought is Cartier Bresson’s famous line about the decisive moment. Personally, I’ve never subscribed to that school of thought. There are, after all, many decisive moments. I do get what he’s trying to say though, and some moments are better […]

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The Second Death of Film

Part whatever… I read this week that Kodak are struggling to make ends meet. In some ways, this isn’t even news. Kodak’s star has been growing dim for a long time, even before digital. (It’s ironic since Kodak were one of the major players in the very dawn of digital imaging.) The real shame for […]

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