Beverley Minster

Not so much one of my favourite photo locations, but certainly, if I had to pick one of my absolute favourite places to be, then Beverley Minster would be near, if not at, the top of my list. When one thinks of grand churches in the area, places like Lincoln Cathedral and York Minster come […]

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Autumn in the Garden

Some random pics taken in the garden over the last couple of months. The garden is an almost perpetual work in progress, which means there are plenty of piles of rubble, plant cuttings and all sorts of shots like these. The first three make for a nice black and white conversion, but the last one […]

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Can Kodak save itself?

The news for Kodak is not looking good. ¬†They managed to sell part of their business to raise cash, but I wonder how long they can keep things going. They are making a loss, and it seems they’re printer business is the only area with real growth.¬† Kodak however could do one thing to turn […]

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Bonfire Night

Never photographed fireworks before, so this was a bit of an experiment. I like these, but I think they could be better.   A fun night, and the photography was part of the fun. can’t wait for next year.

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