Beverley Minster

Not so much one of my favourite photo locations, but certainly, if I had to pick one of my absolute favourite places to be, then Beverley Minster would be near, if not at, the top of my list.

Beverley Minster
Inside Beverley Minster, looking toward the organ

When one thinks of grand churches in the area, places like Lincoln Cathedral and York Minster come to mind, which is a shame, because Beverley Minster is a real gem. However, I’d have to admit that the main reason is because I grew up in Beverley and the Minster has always been a special place for me.

WW1 Cenotaph
The East Yorkshire Regiment Cenotaph, remembering the fallen of the First World War. My Great Grandfather's name is written here.

This was the first time I visited in order to photograph it and for a small charge, you can get a photography permit. I arrived early on, so there weren’t many visitors or weddings going on, but it is still an active church and usually there is something going on. Being winter, and early morning meant very little light, so that presented a challenge. Sometimes ISO 3200 just wasn’t enough. Sometimes I wish I had a D3s. But I don’t 😉

The Minster
Beverley Minster on a cold, grey winter's day

A really enjoyable morning, soaking up the atmosphere and awe of the place.

More images on my flickr stream.

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