Why is Kodak Screwed?

While Kodak moves ever further toward becoming a supplier of cheap Ink-jet printers (was that too harsh?) It’s sad to think how one of THE photographic innovators of the past has fallen so mightily. Then I went shopping for some T-Max 3200 for a Christmas project. With 3 photographic retailers near where I work, I thought I’d see what I could find. One of them doesn’t sell film at all. The second had film but only two rolls of Kodak film, neither of which where what I wanted. The last stocked only Fuji and mostly Ilford.

So why is it so hard to find Kodak film? Why isn’t Kodak taking the initiative, like Fuji, sponsoring websites and competitions, keeping people interested in film – their film?  Surely a good place to start would be making sure you got your film where people could buy it?

Thank goodness for ebay!

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