Technology is Wonderful Aint it!

Ansel Adams was one of those photographers who allegedly never fiddled with his negatives. (Except in one notable photograph – Winter Sunrise, from Lone Pine – where he quite rightly painted out a garish letter carved by students on the natural splendor of the scene.) I’m a little bit of a purist in that I […]

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Naneu Pro Lima Review

Before I bought a Tamrac Evolution, I looked at shoulder bags. I have always considered Lowepro’s Reporter series of bags to be the benchmark for shoulder bags, but I wanted something slimmer. I also wanted something that zipped shut, so most messenger style bags like those by Vanguard, Tenba and Tamrac were out. Lowepro had […]

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Leeds, part II

Well, the results are in and the F60 produced some nice results. It was clear that the low light of my early morning walk to work is too much, even for TMAX 3200, so I took some on my way home, as the light was fading slightly. With no clouds in the sky, there was […]

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Teddy Bears

Sometimes you don’t always need to know what you’re doing. Take the image below from my very first roll of film run through my very first SLR. Shot on a Ricoh KR-10x with a Pentax F1.7 50mm lens, this was me trying to get to grips with things like apertures and shutter speeds and metering. […]

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New Arrival

A review of the Nikon F60 After retiring the F301 it was time to replace it, and that replacement arrived the other day. That replacement came in the form of a new old stock F60 in champagne silver. At the end of the day, I just wanted an auto focus camera that was simple and […]

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Fountains revisted

First outing of the year saw my Dad and I walk around Fountains Abbey. This is my third visit in about 6 months and I was discovering views I’d missed on previous visits. It also reminded me of why I enjoy taking pictures with company and it was interesting to see the shots that my […]

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