Early Morning Leeds

My walk to work has a certain…charm! There are shots there that I’ve been thinking of capturing for a while and decided that the quiet mornings between Christmas and New Year would be the perfect time to take the camera out. I also wanted to capture it on Tmax 3200 and get some nice grain and atmosphere on the images.

Looking Back at what is part of one of the stupidest junctions on Earth.

bus stopCar wash and bus stop

The project was fun and has given birth to a new rule. Rule 25: learn from your mistakes.

Both pictures were taken on a Nikon F301 with Nikon 35-70 AF lens. Not a bad combination, but I learned some valuable lessons. Firstly, it had been over two years since I ran a roll of film through a camera, and I made some rookie mistakes. True, the lighting was bad and with the lens wide open I was really pushing my luck. If I’d thought about it a bit more carefully, I’d have waited until there was a bit more light, or underexposed the film and push processed it to give me an extra stop.

I also learned that my eyes aren’t really up to manually focusing a camera anymore, so I’ll have to get an auto focus body to replace the F301. My last lesson? Centre weighted metering isn’t the same as matrix metering. Funny how you forget these things when you get used to digital.

Anyway, it has taught me a few things, which is always good, and I’ve added a couple of rules to my list for next time…

Rule 26: Shoot Film. Shooting film is not the same as shooting digital. It requires thought and discipline. Something I hadn’t realised I’d put aside with the D90. I need to shoot more film to keep my skills honed. (And because it’s fun to shoot with some of these older cameras.)

Rule 27: Review the basics. I recently heard a story about how Vince Lombardi would often start a new season by showing the players the football and saying, ‘this is a football’. It may seem like sucking eggs, but his record speaks for itself. A photographer is never too experienced, and never too clever to review the basics from time to time. (and I’m neither, so need to remind myself even more!!)

Let’s see if I can do a better job with my next roll.

Leeds Skyline - part of it anyway.

6 thoughts on “Early Morning Leeds

  1. Using film, now there’s a novelty! How can you afford it? I’d be broke in no time, I suppose it was probably a good way of curbing endless ethusiasm and zero talent. My New Year spring clean saw 5000 images hit the “trash Can”.

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I don’t want to know how many images I deleted from last year. It surprised me how much I miss shooting film though. My goal is to shoot st least a couple of rolls each year. That way i keep my hand in and it doesn’t cost too much!!

  2. I kept using film to avoid the cost of a £1000 DSLR so I don’t think cost is the issue that some people imagine. It’s true that you have to keep shooting film and the same kind of film to really get used to it. I like the NFL mention.

    1. It’s six of one half a dozen of the other I think. I’ve found I shoot a lot more since going digital, but it was a massive investment, so I should be shooting a lot to justify it. Having said that, I really object to digital SLR’s being essentially disposable cameras. I wonder how many EOS 10D’s will still be used in 10 years time compared to EOS 30′s?

  3. Great article. I came on the scene with digital when I bought my first camera, the D80, I want to get an old film camera though and get some exposure to that side of the photography world

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