You’ve got to feel sorry for Fujifilm

At the CES this week Fujifilm revealed their mirrorless system camera with 3 prime lenses and on paper, it does look rather good. Sticking to the retro look that made the X100 one of the most desirable compact cameras of last year is a masterstroke that I cannot believe other manufacturers haven’t cottoned on to yet. Prime lenses, a body that looks like a rangefinder, hybrid viewfinder, and image resolution on a par with a full frame sensor look promising. Indeed the sample images show some nice colour and not so much noise, even if they don’t look too sharp. Already people are talking about the X pro 1 as the poor man’s Leica. (They do like to stick pro at the end of their camera’s don’t they!) People are also talking about potential problems such as the price point and the auto focus issues that came with the X100, but I reckon that people will look back at the X pro 1 as one of those landmark cameras. Retro is the new black, or something like that!!
So why feel sorry for them?
Despite the buzz you’d expect, everyone seems to be talking about Canon and Nikon. The D4 has got opinions divided. (Personally I think it looks like a pretty amazing camera and hints at even cooler things for the D800 and D400) But the big star of this week is Canon’s G1 X. An updated G12 with a bigger sensor. Funny really; you unveil your SLR killer with dials and the whole world would rather talk about an updated compact camera with a bigger sensor.
And if you feel sorry for Fujifilm, then really do have to feel sorry for Kodak. With all the troubles they’re having, they released a few underwhelming compacts that no-one even noticed. It really does suck being Kodak right now.
Despite the big two hogging the limelight, I think Fujifilm will be having the last laugh….for a bit.

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