Fountains revisted

First outing of the year saw my Dad and I walk around Fountains Abbey. This is my third visit in about 6 months and I was discovering views I’d missed on previous visits. It also reminded me of why I enjoy taking pictures with company and it was interesting to see the shots that my dad saw, that I hadn’t.

Although a freezing, there was plenty of sunlight and plenty of shadows, so some images came out with vibrant colours, other, not so much – but they did translate well in black and white.

Fountains Abbey

Abbey pillar

Studley Royal Temple
On one part of fountains is the abbey itself. After a short walk you find yourself in Studley Royal and a fantastic water garden.
Studley Royal things
I really, really have no idea what these are supposed to be!!
Wall remains at Fountains Abbey
I really didn't know what to do with this one, so I started playing around in Gimp. Inverted it and used the softglow filter and I really liked the outcome.

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