Teddy Bears

Sometimes you don’t always need to know what you’re doing.

Take the image below from my very first roll of film run through my very first SLR.

Two Teddy Bears

Shot on a Ricoh KR-10x with a Pentax F1.7 50mm lens, this was me trying to get to grips with things like apertures and shutter speeds and metering. Concepts such as exposure compensation hadn’t even registered at this point and so there I was, shooting up into the sunlight coming in through the window without a second thought. At this stage, it was all about getting to know my camera and I was just enjoying it.

To say I was disappointed when the film came back is an understatement. This was the only good shot on the roll and to make matters worse, the developer had managed to scratch the negative, from top to bottom and only accross this frame. (Those were the days.)

Thankfully, digital technology has allowed us to reclaim pictures from such disasters and a liberal helping of the clone tool has pretty much dealt with the scratch, though there is plenty of dust from the scan still visible if you look close enough.

I still really like this picture. I like the composition (though it isn’t perfect), I like the colours. It’s remarkably well lit, which still surprises me, and well exposed, which still amazes me. Most of all, I like it because it showed I could do this photography thing, even though I didn’t have a clue at the time.

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