Happy Birthday

My youngest is two years old today, which gave me an excuse to trawl through my archive. I’ve taken a lot of pictures of him over the last two years, but I’ve not quite captured his unique character. He was born about the time I was fed up with photography. My creativity had stagnated and […]

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The Swan

Wharfe Meadows Park in Otley runs along the edge of the River Wharfe. Apart from the usual local council style gardening that seems to be unique to the UK, there is a children’s play area, skate park and of course, the river bank. Ducks, gulls and pigeons swim and fly up and down alongside the […]

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Ilkley Moor Sunrise

I said I’d go back, and I was true to my word. This week, as I’ve been driving to work, I’ve witnessed some beautiful colourful sunrises. I thought it would be worth trying my luck by returning to Ilkley Moor to capture the sunrise over the rocks. I take my hat off to landscape photographers. […]

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The Cow and Calf Rocks

Where hast tha bin since I saw thee, I saw thee? On Ilkley Moor baht’at Where hast tha bin since I saw thee, I saw thee? Where hast tha bin since I saw thee? On Ilkley Moor baht’at On Ilkley Moor baht’at On Ilkley Moor baht’at It’s a song I’ve sung since I were a […]

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Faith and Photography

There is something about a religious building that I just feel a kinship with. Old churches, ruins etc just seem to have an air of peace about them. I guess that is why I like Fountains Abbey so much. The Cellarium is just so peaceful, I can almost breathe it in. For most Mormons, the […]

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Let it Snow…

After all the threats, it finally snowed, which meant I had to get up before the kids to see what pictures I could take before they wrecked the garden. I was hoping for some animal tracks, and sure enough, one of the neighborhood cats didn’t disappoint. Thankfully the cars weren’t snowed in. unlike this one…

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Leeds Central Library

I hate the office I work in. It’s one of those typical open plan offices; you know, the ones that have bad air conditioning, are never at the right temperature, have carpets decorated in duck tape and that slowly suck all the life, energy and soul out of you. I tend to go wandering mid-morning […]

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