The Swan

Wharfe Meadows Park in Otley runs along the edge of the River Wharfe. Apart from the usual local council style gardening that seems to be unique to the UK, there is a children’s play area, skate park and of course, the river bank. Ducks, gulls and pigeons swim and fly up and down alongside the bank in the hope of bread.

Despite the cold, it was quite sunny today, so the park was busy and the birds weren’t going for the bread; they must have had their fill by the time we got there. Then came a pair of swans who went for it. I took a couple of shots, of which this one really stood out. I adjusted the exposure in View NX to -0.3 and the water turned black, isolating the swan. Just what I wanted.

mute swan

So graceful, they ate and then swam on.


2 thoughts on “The Swan

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