The River Wharfe

Taken Early this Morning in Otley. Trees get caught here after very bad weather and hang out for a while. This is the same tree from two different angles. They also look much better in black and white. Advertisements

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Wharfe Meadows

Wharfe Meadows Park is a nice little park alongside the Wharfe in Otley. I walk through here every day and saw this shot a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, this morning the weather was good enough to actually make the shot. After fiddling with the contrast and what-not, the image has some nice light and […]

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DIY Destruction

When my wife gets in the DIY mood, it usually ends in a desire to tear things down. She started pulling off the wallpaper in the box room only to discover three layers of wallpaper stuck to the wall with some supernatural adhesive that was holding on to the wallpaper with all of its evil […]

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Worked on some more of the shots taken from the Birds of Prey centre. These really are incredible animals.

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Birds of Prey

I promised my youngest daughter a while back that I would take her with me on my next photo excursion, and knowing her fondness for animals, thought she might enjoy watching Birds of Prey flying. I figured it would also be a new challenge for me. As a kid, Birds of Prey were my first […]

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I don’t usually shoot flowers, but I just needed to take pictures of something, and the bulbs in the garden were blooming, so it was not only a chance to get out the gear, but also try something new. The tulip image I really like. It has nice colour to it, especially when set against […]

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