The River Wharfe

Taken Early this Morning in Otley. Trees get caught here after very bad weather and hang out for a while. This is the same tree from two different angles. They also look much better in black and white.

Tree in the river 1

tree in the river 2


Wharfe Meadows

Wharfe Meadows Park is a nice little park alongside the Wharfe in Otley. I walk through here every day and saw this shot a couple of weeks ago. Thankfully, this morning the weather was good enough to actually make the shot.

Wharve Meadows in colour

After fiddling with the contrast and what-not, the image has some nice light and colour, but it’s missing that little something. Converting to black and white helps I think.

Wharfe Meadows in black and white

And last but not least. A tree (which I’m guessing is a cherry tree), which I noticed on the way in.

tree in blossom

DIY Destruction

When my wife gets in the DIY mood, it usually ends in a desire to tear things down. She started pulling off the wallpaper in the box room only to discover three layers of wallpaper stuck to the wall with some supernatural adhesive that was holding on to the wallpaper with all of its evil power. What we were left with were holes that muggins here had to patch up. Thankfully I intervened before her desire to pull the walls down emerged into reality.

We had a good laugh about it though.

holes in the wall

holes and cracks

There were some garish colours left on the walls, which were a bit too garish on the second image. A mono conversion removes the distracting colours.

Birds of Prey

I promised my youngest daughter a while back that I would take her with me on my next photo excursion, and knowing her fondness for animals, thought she might enjoy watching Birds of Prey flying. I figured it would also be a new challenge for me. As a kid, Birds of Prey were my first real interest, and being able to see them close up like this was something I was really looking forward to.

The Birds of Prey centre in Kirby Wiske, North Yorkshire, is a small place and you’ll get round it in about 15 minutes. The birds look quite miserable, it has to be said, sat on their perches or in their cages. Then again, you don’t go to see them, you go to watch them fly. They do three displays each day and they fly five birds each time and it lasts for about an hour. Stunning isn’t the word.

White tailed Sea Eagle
Kyla, the White-Tailed Sea Eagle, comes in for a landing.
Branston the Kestrel
Great Grey Owl
Misty, the Great Grey Owl. (Yes, he was coming straight for us.)

The flying displays were all I’d hoped they would be. The pictures, were all I’d expected!! These things are fast and close and the D90’s auto-focus struggled to keep up with both the 18-105 and an old 70-210 attached. Not only that, but I just wasn’t quick enough adjusting the zoom, so there were a lot of clipped wings!

Each of the birds has its own personality, none more comical than Grim, the Vulture, who was quite happy sitting next to you.

White Backed Vulture
Grim the White Backed Vulture. Quite a pleasant fellow.

The same view from my daughter's broken point & shoot.

For many though, the star of the day was Muppet – a tiny Little Owl that earned its name because of a habit of trying to take on some of the bigger Eagles – that the kids were allowed to hold.

Holding a Little Owl

How can you argue with an adorable little thing like that!


I don’t usually shoot flowers, but I just needed to take pictures of something, and the bulbs in the garden were blooming, so it was not only a chance to get out the gear, but also try something new.


The tulip image I really like. It has nice colour to it, especially when set against the dark background. Tried various daffodil shots, but didn’t really get anything I really liked. This one is passable.