The Way Out

A difficult one this.

Merrion car park

The exposure range here was quite wide. An added challenge was the fact I had to battle cars, so it was a case of setting the exposure, taking a rough guess at the focusing distance, and then waiting for a gap in the traffic to take the shot. I managed three, one exposed right in the middle, one over and one under. This was the middle exposure and was the best of the three, though the composition – and the focusing – is slightly off. Still, something to try again. Maybe!


The Devil Came Down to Leeds

A shout out to Lily Wight’s Arcade of Arts & Arcana where July is all things puppet related.

Dancing Devil at The Core, Leeds

This was taken on the same day the Queen came to Leeds, just a couple of weeks ago. By the time I got there the clean up was well under way. This guy was performing with his friend outside The Core shopping centre. He was drawing quite a crowd and it took me three attempts to get a clear shot, but he was quite happy for his photo to be taken.

Smile, and the World Smiles With You

Leeds central library is one of my favourite places to take pics. There are so many lines and shapes and textures to capture in there.

And then there are little things like this…

Leeds Central Library smiley

I’m torn with this one. On one hand, it annoys me that someone can think it is okay to draw on a building like this. On the other hand, I quite like the smiley.

This is the last from my May roll of film. Hopefully the next roll will be back next week with more observations from Leeds City Centre.

Grey is the Colour

Following on from my post the other day, I thought I’d contrast it with this shot of the subways that run by the Merrion centre in Leeds.

subway at Merrion

This was a throwaway image really – not one of my best – but it follows on nicely in contrast to Sunday’s post.

This is quite a large subway with several entrances. This particular entrance is opposite the Merrion Centre and next to Leeds City College’s Technology Campus. Like the Merrion Centre it is clad dull, grey concrete and hardly inspiring. It is all blocked off and apparently used by the council for storage now, but in it’s hey day it was the largest public toilet in Leeds – which is one of the reasons it was all blocked off.

I was hoping that these would be opened up again and made brighter once the new arena is built, but I have a feeling these will remain blocked off.

Future, I used to Love You

Part of my observations project for this summer, this small picture frame is stuck on the side of Woodhouse Lane Car Park in Leeds. It’s a council run car park and knowing how the council suffers from a distinct humour bi-pass, I’m amazed that this is still there. (Or maybe they don’t know it’s there!)

Future, I used to love you

These little picture frames seem to be in various parts of Leeds, but no-one seems to know for sure the story behind them. Either way, I like it and I hope they keep it there after the refurbishment.