More Sad News

It slipped under my radar did this, but Cecil Jacobs has gone into receivership. For those not familiar with these shores, Jacobs was one of the better high street photographic retailers. Not a major chain, but I’ve lived in two areas where Jacobs had stores and I have to say they were some of the best around.

As if that wasn’t enough, Ritz camera’s in the US has also filed for bankruptcy. Hard times all round it seems.

The news didn’t get much fanfare, which is a shame since if it had been Jessops, there would have been a lot more noise I think.

Rather than pontificate about the news, I though instead i would pay tribute to the staff at the Jacobs store in Leeds. I’ve bought all my digital Nikon gear from them and if I’d had more money, i would have spent it there. (Alas!) It was clear from the start that each of them knew their stuff and it was always a pleasure to pop in and talk about gear and the craft. (Something I’ve never been able to say about Jessops!)

I hope the administrators find a buyer for the chain and that Jacobs remains a fixture on our high street.

Here’s hoping.


4 thoughts on “More Sad News

  1. Totally agree…I work in Leeds City Centre and passed Jacobs regulary…it was only last week that I noticed their shop closed…it is a shame because they staff were very knowledgeable, and friendly…only hope they all find work soon.

  2. What a shame. It must be really tough for smaller shops competing with Jessops and also Amazon etc. There’s a small independent store here – I wonder how much longer they’ve got.

    1. There’s an independent retailer near where I work that still sells film. I knew another shop where my Mother lives that is a real Aladdin’s cave of stuff – old filters, a good stock of used cameras and lenses. I really hope we don’t lose these places.

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