Taken outside the Morrisons at the Merrion Centre, Leeds. I love the colours on this.

Purple windows


Autumn Leaves

I love the colours of autumn, and I was struck by the vivid colours under streetlight last week.
fallen leaves
I love the colours in this one. The blues and reds are more vivid thanks to the street lighting.

leaves under streetlight
This one was really yellow – a bit too yellow, so I’ve adjusted the hue slightly to make it less garish.

Photo Assignment Week 4

No assignment last week as I’ve been concentrating on essays. It’s no fun being back at school at my age! 😉
So onto this week’s assignment – workflow. This was an open assignment – take any photo in RAW format and convert it to JPG via Photoshop. Well I cheated, using GIMP instead of Photoshop, but it was enough to show I can manage a workflow.

I decided to shoot some of the leaves that are now starting to fall to the ground. There are some wonderful colours, especially under streetlight.

leaf on the ground
This was the raw file. It was shot at ISO 3200, and I was really pushing hand-holding so it’s not sharp. Even though it’s a little clichéd, I thought it would be the kind of image where I could keep the leaf in colour and convert the rest to black and white.
leaf on the ground. monochrome conversion
I didn’t really like the colour cast of the original either and I like the end result. Not the greatest picture, but it served its purpose.

To Colour or not to Colour

Essay time is fast approaching and I have a choice of things to consider, but I’ve plumped for how photographer’s use colour. I thought it would be nice to reference some of the great photographers that present their work on the blogosphere.

If you feel like you can spare a couple of minutes it would be great to get opinions on why you choose colour or black and white for a particular image, or your particular style? What kind of colour do you like in your images – saturated, desaturated or natural?

If you feel you can contribute, just leave a comment below, if not, no worries. For those who comment and that I can use in my essay, I’ll reference your blogs in the bibliography.

Photo Assignment Week 2 – Part 2

Here are the last three images from this weeks assignment.

Leeds University

Leeds University campus is an eclectic mix of architecture, filled with loads of courtyards and nooks and crannies. I could spend ages photographing the place. This is at the end of the Marjorie and Arnold Ziff building and I walk through here every time I go to the University. I like the framing of this one.

Once past the spot in the photo above, you find yourself here. I’ve almost tripped up here several times – thankfully not fallen flat on my face yet – but I love this space. Not sure this is as strong as it could be though. It calls for another attempt.

Bus stop

This last one is my favourite. Taken from the bus stop outside 181 Woodhouse Lane, I looked through the bus stop and thought, ‘that would be an interesting shot.’ I waited for about 5 minutes before a cyclist came by without a convoy of buses in the way and got the shot. Very pleased with this one.

I really enjoyed this assignment, and though I was more in my comfort zone, it did make me think more about the composition and waiting patiently for the right moment. For the first time, I understood what Cartier-Bresson was talking about. I’ve certainly gained a greater appreciation for his way of seeing the world.

Photo Assignment Week 2 – Part 1

The assignment for this week was ‘Decisive Moment’, based on Cartier-Bresson’s famous photographic philosophy. This was more familiar territory for me as it’s an area of photography that I’ve drifted into and quite enjoy. That said, I feel as if I’m just starting to find my way in what many call ‘street photography’. The added challenge to the brief was to use elements to lead the eye into the image and to give a sense of depth.
Anyway, here are the first three pics.

Merrion House
I decided to stage the first shot with the help of a few friends from work. I think they were a bit nervous about being directed by me and I was a bit nervous about directing them. This is shot in a courtyard by the Merrion Centre in Leeds. (I’ll have a couple more shots from here later in the week.) I like it, but it could have been better. In fact it was suggested a landscape version of this might have been better. I think that is probably right.

Merrion house
I decided that staging a shot wasn’t for me. I like to grab shots as I see them so i went out to stalk a few places with my camera. This was the first I saw. These guys were filming a video so I waited and grabbed a quick shot. The colours work well here.

Outside Leeds Met
One thing I’ve noticed, especially around the Leeds Met, are a multitude of stickers on lights and signs. I framed this one and waited for someone to come into the frame. Got this on the second attempt and I quite like it.

That’s three down, and three to go, but they can wait until tomorrow.