Photo Assignment Week 1

Well, it’s been a hectic couple of weeks, but it’s what you’d expect after starting a degree. I must have hit a mid life crisis or something, but I guess it’s also the age to make a change before I get buried in a rut, let alone stuck in one, so I’m now a student at the University of Leeds studying Cinema and Photography.

It’s the perfect course as it combines cinema, photography and writing, (three things I love). There’ll be some changes to the blog as well. (I had tried to keep a second blog for my writing, but it proved too much, so that content will gradually move over here.) For this semester though, the focus (no pun intended) is on photography, and so on to today’s post. Each week we get an assignment and this weeks was to mess around with depth of field and shutter speeds.

First up is Otley Bridge. I’ve seen these padlocks for ages and always wondered why they are there. They are gradually growing in numbers too. The best theory I’ve heard is that they are love-locks – an Eastern European tradition. They look interesting anyway.

And here’s a wider view of the footpath.
Otley Bridge

Next up is an attempt at levitation, based on some fantastic stuff on yowayowacamera.
levitating to the back door
This was 1/250 and the D90 was on high speed to catch this. Certainly harder than it looks.

Not bad for a first attempt.

Last up is a 1 second shot of my eldest son walking past a window. When I converted this to black and white he became very ghostly, so I kept it mono.
ghost walk

A fun assignment, making me consider things I wouldn’t normally do, but I’ve caught the bug for converting people into ghostly apparitions crossing the frame. An excuse to buy some more ND filters anyway. 😉


6 thoughts on “Photo Assignment Week 1

  1. I have often wondered what these were too, as I pass them everyday and like you have noticed their increasing number. Some have writing on the back of them and I agree, I think they must be love-locks.

  2. I shall enjoy following your blog now that I’ve found it as I too am trying to improve my photography, although starting from a far lower base that you are.

    I noticed your pictures of the locks on the bridge particularly. I didn’t realise that this was happening in the UK, but in Paris it’s been happening for many, many years and one of the bridges over the Sienne is now known as the Bridge of Locks. I was lucky enough to visit earlier this year and snapped this snap of the padlocks. There are a couple more of the bridge itself if you want to take a look.

    PS Fingers crossed the link works – I’m new this sort of thing too…

  3. Good luck with your degree. I did one in photography and digital imaging at Leeds Met a few years back, as a mature student – great fun and really enjoyed myself.
    I can’t say I’ve noticed any locks on bridges around where I live but I’m going to keep my eye open for them now!

      1. Stephen G. Hipperson

        As long as you have a ‘job’ ethic to your approach, I’m sure you’ll find it very warding. I don’t know if you have to have a sketchbook running, but if you do , I thoroughly recommend you keep it relatively up to date and don’t leave it all to the last minute with lasts of sticking and annotation to do – it’s a killer. 😉

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