Photo Assignment Week 2 – Part 1

The assignment for this week was ‘Decisive Moment’, based on Cartier-Bresson’s famous photographic philosophy. This was more familiar territory for me as it’s an area of photography that I’ve drifted into and quite enjoy. That said, I feel as if I’m just starting to find my way in what many call ‘street photography’. The added challenge to the brief was to use elements to lead the eye into the image and to give a sense of depth.
Anyway, here are the first three pics.

Merrion House
I decided to stage the first shot with the help of a few friends from work. I think they were a bit nervous about being directed by me and I was a bit nervous about directing them. This is shot in a courtyard by the Merrion Centre in Leeds. (I’ll have a couple more shots from here later in the week.) I like it, but it could have been better. In fact it was suggested a landscape version of this might have been better. I think that is probably right.

Merrion house
I decided that staging a shot wasn’t for me. I like to grab shots as I see them so i went out to stalk a few places with my camera. This was the first I saw. These guys were filming a video so I waited and grabbed a quick shot. The colours work well here.

Outside Leeds Met
One thing I’ve noticed, especially around the Leeds Met, are a multitude of stickers on lights and signs. I framed this one and waited for someone to come into the frame. Got this on the second attempt and I quite like it.

That’s three down, and three to go, but they can wait until tomorrow.


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