Photo Assignment Week 4

No assignment last week as I’ve been concentrating on essays. It’s no fun being back at school at my age! 😉
So onto this week’s assignment – workflow. This was an open assignment – take any photo in RAW format and convert it to JPG via Photoshop. Well I cheated, using GIMP instead of Photoshop, but it was enough to show I can manage a workflow.

I decided to shoot some of the leaves that are now starting to fall to the ground. There are some wonderful colours, especially under streetlight.

leaf on the ground
This was the raw file. It was shot at ISO 3200, and I was really pushing hand-holding so it’s not sharp. Even though it’s a little clichéd, I thought it would be the kind of image where I could keep the leaf in colour and convert the rest to black and white.
leaf on the ground. monochrome conversion
I didn’t really like the colour cast of the original either and I like the end result. Not the greatest picture, but it served its purpose.

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