Photo Assignment: Week 8

The third assessment was themed ‘Secret Spaces’. My original idea was to shoot a doorway with someone just about to enter the room beyond. I could only think of one location and it wouldn’t have been possible to shoot there, so I improvised and kept the idea, but at a location I could shoot.

Secret Spaces

Light was quite important for this one and there are two desk lamps inside the wardrobe. The room lights were switched off so the emphasis would be on the light coming from inside. My daughter modeled for me – she’s the only one that will – and as usual, she took her direction straight away and added her own twist. (If she doesn’t end up an actress I’ll be very surprised!)

The image has probably had more post capture work done to it than any other image. I’m not one to mess around images beyond curves and contrast, but this one needed a fair amount of cloning, masking around the wardrobe and some dodging.

So that’s three assessments down and two to go – got those to do over the Christmas break. In the mean time, Merry Christmas to everyone. Thanks for the visits, likes and comments over the year. Here’s hoping for a great 2013 for everyone.


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