Photo Assignment: Week 10

The final assessed theme was ‘My Ideal Room: a collage’. Well, it’s been many years since I had to do a collage. Plus the only idea for an ideal room was one with no kids!! I had several ideas, but none of them worked.

I have been a fan of Lego ever since I was a kid, and having kids gave me the excuse to buy and play with Lego again as a grown up. To be honest, I actually find Lego to be extremely relaxing and I tend to build when I get stressed. It dawned on me that I should just build the room out of Lego and then place those objects that are personal to me in the room.

I kept the room fairly minimal – I’m a minimalist kind of guy – and photographed it, and then broke it up and re-built it. The room I went with was version three and I was quite pleased with it.

200745784_5_Collage_My Ideal Room_603

I made the main feature of the room three ‘portals’ where I can lose myself in music, movies and books. The three I chose are my favourites in each format. The fire was made from trans red, orange and yellow Lego studs. I left a hole at the back of the fireplace to shine a light. I was happier with the build than I was with the final collage, but I managed to get it in on time, so job done, and a module finished. Now onto cinema!


Photo Assignment: Week 9

It has been a busy couple of months and sadly this blog has taken a back seat! Still, time to catch up.

The fourth assessed theme was still life. I really struggled with this one. Not wanting to do anything that had been done before, I was struggling to find a different take on the theme. Then my son fell asleep, so I covered him in cuddly toys – as you do!

I was suddenly inspired by the scene in ET where he’s hiding amongst the toys. Safe to say, the idea didn’t go down well, so I had to think of a way of re-presenting the image. As the deadline for submission loomed closer, I was running out of ideas, and then he happened to fall asleep again, so I got the image up on my tablet and cradled it on him. Voila.

200745784_4_Still Lifemo

Because the colours on the screen didn’t come out too well, I converted it to black and white, which made it a stronger image and allowed me to beef up the contrast of the original image on the screen.

The submission deadline has come and gone and the marks returned, but I still think this one didn’t go down too well. I justify it on the premise that he’s still and he’s alive – but perhaps it was a bit of a stretch!