Lens Whacked

Lens whacking (aka free lensing) is a video technique where an old manual focus lens is used in front of a digital camera body, but not attached. The idea is that you can move the focus and let in light leaks. The beauty of this technique is that you get a really nice old fashioned […]

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Barn Owl.

From the Yorkshire Birds of Prey centre. Of all the owls out there, the Barn owl is my favourite. It looks far more elegant than the others.

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Another trip to the Yorkshire Birds of Prey Centre in May, but before the birds, this just happened to be parked next to us. What’s a photographer to do?

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All Change.

Time flies. Can’t believe it has been a few months since I last posted. To say I’ve been busy is an understatement, but, the first year of university is almost over and there’s plenty of news to come. Of all the excuses for not posting, not having any camera gear has been a pretty good […]

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