Shopping for Women’s Clothing.

Producing even a short film like Hunted, has proved to be a very stressful experience. I admit, this is the very first time I’ve done this, so its new territory for me, but a great learning experience. And because it is a small time thing, with a volunteer army, I get to do things I never usually do, like shop for women’s clothes.

I must confess that I fall into the stereotypical male when it comes to clothes shopping. I struggle when I’m shopping for myself, let alone anyone else, but shopping for women’s clothes was an altogether alien experience. The looks I got from other customers was worth it though. (And what is with the current craze for skinny jeans?)<a

The stress of finding costumes within a very tight budget balanced against the creative vision of what I want to see on screen was a tough one. Each choice has to be weighed against whether the character would wear it? will it suit the scene? and can I afford it? Sometimes you get lucky – a beautiful leather jacket that I got for next to nothing that also pointed me in the direction for the rest of the character’s outfit. Sometimes you don’t – like the jacket for the antagonist, which I loved, but couldn’t get in the right size, so had to go for an alternative.

The real test comes of course on Tuesday when the cast and crew get together for the first time to read through the script and try out the costumes. I’m just hoping they fit ;).

Hunted Short Film
(I wish I could take credit for the banner above, but that belongs to Stephen Bradley, who is as sure a pair of hands behind a camera as you could hope to find, and who is serving as Director of Photography for Hunted.)


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