Thank You

It has been a fun journey this blogging thing, and yesterday Juno@rt brought the number of followers to 100. A big thank you for all the bloggers who follow WeavingLight and for the inspiration you’ve shared along the way too.


Home From Home

For the last few days, this has been our home from home. This has been the hub of our main shooting location – the Roger Steven’s Building at the University of Leeds.

Roger Stevens Building TV Studio

This was a purpose built, state of the art colour TV studio built in the 70’s and resides on level five. The building has grade II* listed status, due to it’s architectural style, which I absolutely love.

Roger Stevens Building

The studio is left empty these days, or used for storage, which is a real shame. It hosted an art exhibition last year, and having a spare hour I went to take a look. The art didn’t particularly inspire me, but I was awestruck at the studio space and was determined to film there from that moment on. It is a fantastic space and has not only been one of our sets, but has been our place to plan, set-up, eat, relax and play.

There are more pics and stills from the footage on the film’s facebook page. Click on the banner below to find it.

Hunted Short Film