The View From 10th

Merrion House is a dull, grey, concrete monstrosity that is just as grim on the inside as it is on the outside. Working on the 10th (also the top) floor brings with it the additional challenges of being hotter than other floors during the summer and colder than the other floors during the winter. However, we do have one advantage over all the other floors and that is the view.

Leeds City Centre

Today being an overcast day, the view wasn’t at its best, but when the sun breaks through on an early morning it catches the buildings, covering them in a beautiful golden light that makes the city shine. Every now and then, we also get a cracking sunset.

Leeds Arena

The view from the photocopier has allowed us to watch the Leeds Arena grow from wasteland to concrete shell to 1970’s toilet styled shell. (It looks brilliant inside allegedly – its just a shame about the outside.)

Sometimes being on the top floor isn’t so bad.


The View from the 7th Floor

Finished the last session of a photo shoot at work today. Not the most inspiring piece of photography – corporate headshots of the Children’s service leadership team – but it’s been a nice break from staring at a computer screen.

While waiting for people who really didn’t want to have their picture taken, I snapped this. Apart form the grime on the windows, it shows quite nicely just how varied the architecture of Leeds is. You can see both Leeds Met and the University of Leeds (or as people round here tend to call it, the real university!)


Red Sky at Night…

No, it wasn’t really this red. This is thanks to some Lightroom fiddlin’. I saw this last night and grabbed it quickly before the clouds obscured the moon completely.

Red Sky at Night full moon

There was a large amount of noise on this image, so I played around with some of the colour mix controls and a couple of presets to see what I’d get. Then I had a play with some of the black and white presets. Not sure which I prefer!

dramatic cloudy sky with full moon

Wall of Sound

A place I walk every week on my way to work has recently undergone a bit of a facelift. Metal plates with song lyrics have been placed on either side of the subway to create ‘walls of sound’ as part of an art installation.
Welcome to the North
I don’t know how long it will stay, but I quite like it. It makes that dreary trudge to the office at 7am just a little bit more bearable.
Time to listen

Woodhouse Lane good times

There was a plaque that named the artists and gave a bit of info about it, but it’s either gone, or I’m just not seeing it – which is quite possible.

Put Your records on


And just for Brits of a certain age, my favourite…
Bring me Sunshine