Room of Requirement

A part of the National Railway Museum that I have never seen before. It started out as a Flying Scotsman exhibit and then turned into a warehouse of stuff. It reminded me of the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts – where you go to hide something. There were model trains, model boats, model trains, badges, […]

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Stephenson’s Rocket that is. Not the original, but a replica which sits at the National Railway Museum in York.

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The Mallard

If there was one place that defined my childhood, it was York. And if there was one place in York, it would be the National Railway Museum. It was just a magical place to visit as a kid. The highlight was always this beauty, the A4 class LNER 4468 Mallard. Just a beautiful piece of […]

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The best four digits in the world. (Not 4472!) Just a little preview of the next batch of images.

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