Year 3 Project: Part 4 – Walking Home

One of the limitations I set for the project was no post processing. I set the colour simulation to match Fuji Pro 400H (My favourite negative film) and whatever I captured, I was stuck with. I liked the idea of taking a more analogue approach to a digital camera. The Fujifilm X-E2 has proved to be the perfect tool. One of the things I’ve grown to love about the X-E2 is the quality of the jpeg’s coming straight out of the camera.

This image highlights both the limitations and the advantages of the approach. (I’ve blurred out the licence plates for t’interwebs, but the one I submitted was left alone.) Ideally I would have cropped in tighter to the woman, but it was raining hard and I was soaked and just wanted to get inside and warm and dry, so this was a very quick grab shot. Normally I would have cropped it in post, but doing that would have been cheating. The one thing that strikes me though is just how punchy the colours are and the mood you get from the wet tarmac and the street lights. The more I shoot with the X-E2, the more I wonder why I bother shooting Raw files anymore. (I still do though, because old habits die hard!)

Woman walking in rain


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