The wait is over

Now that the film festival submissions are over and done with, the video is now available to view again. Most of my time lately has been spent finishing my short film, ‘Hunted’, shot two and a half years ago. With wrapping up university and other challenges I’ve finally managed to get it finished. So without […]

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Writer’s Block

Been a very busy semester leaving not a lot of time for writing or photography. I’ve not been idle though, and have found myself writing and directing a short film for one of my modules. Very stressful and very tiring getting it finished and handed in on time. So here it is. Hope you […]

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Home From Home

For the last few days, this has been our home from home. This has been the hub of our main shooting location – the Roger Steven’s Building at the University of Leeds. This was a purpose built, state of the art colour TV studio built in the 70’s and resides on level five. The building […]

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Lens Whacked

Lens whacking (aka free lensing) is a video technique where an old manual focus lens is used in front of a digital camera body, but not attached. The idea is that you can move the focus and let in light leaks. The beauty of this technique is that you get a really nice old fashioned […]

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