Think Tank Retrospective 7 Review

The Retrospective 7 When it comes to camera bags, I can’t help myself. Finding that perfect bag is a lifelong quest and each photographer will have their own requirements. I love using the Tamrac Evolution 8 as my main goto bag, but sometimes it’s nice to have the ease of a shoulder bag. I’ve used […]

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Pure Class

When I first decided to replace my Nikon F60, I decided I wanted something smallish and quiet. Something unassuming so I could use it around the streets of Leeds without everyone hearing the motor drive. My first choice within my price range was Nikon’s FG. Then, by accident, I noticed an Olympus OM-2n for pretty […]

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Naneu Pro Lima Review

Before I bought a Tamrac Evolution, I looked at shoulder bags. I have always considered Lowepro’s Reporter series of bags to be the benchmark for shoulder bags, but I wanted something slimmer. I also wanted something that zipped shut, so most messenger style bags like those by Vanguard, Tenba and Tamrac were out. Lowepro had […]

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New Arrival

A review of the Nikon F60 After retiring the F301 it was time to replace it, and that replacement arrived the other day. That replacement came in the form of a new old stock F60 in champagne silver. At the end of the day, I just wanted an auto focus camera that was simple and […]

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