Ilkley Moor Sunrise

I said I’d go back, and I was true to my word. This week, as I’ve been driving to work, I’ve witnessed some beautiful colourful sunrises. I thought it would be worth trying my luck by returning to Ilkley Moor to capture the sunrise over the rocks. I take my hat off to landscape photographers. […]

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Timing is Everything

Rule 23: Timing is everything When I read that rule back to myself, my first thought is Cartier Bresson’s famous line about the decisive moment. Personally, I’ve never subscribed to that school of thought. There are, after all, many decisive moments. I do get what he’s trying to say though, and some moments are better […]

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Camera Straps

Rule number 8: Camera Straps are a pain in the neck I’m not a fan of camera straps. If I have one attached to my camera, I tend to wrap it around my wrist. I could live without them, but it’s nice to have the security of having something just in case I get clumsy, […]

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