The Rules

Here are my Photography Rules; the things that have helped(and will hopefully continue to help) me be a better photographer.

  1. Always choose a camera that feels right
  2. Think beyond the camera
  3. Photography is an expensive hobby…
  4. …but it doesn’t have to be
  5. There’s no such thing as a perfect camera bag
  6. The best tripod is the one you have with you
  7. The best camera is the one you have with you. (Chase Jarvis)
  8. Camera straps are a pain in the neck
  9. Never go anywhere without a pen
  10. Always have a back up
  11. Don’t just buy it, use it
  12. Walk softly and carry a prime lens
  13. The more you shoot. The better you become.
  14. ‘I hate all that stuff about rules and composition. It’s the emotion that counts.’ (David Bailey
  15. ‘First, Light. Everything else follows.’ (Joe Cornish)
  16. Before you press the shutter, double check the scene
  17. Learn to see in monochrome
  18. The best tool is the one that works
  19. go back
  20. Sometimes, it’s best to put the camera away and enjoy the scenery
  21. To get the shot, sometimes you have to pay your dues.
  22. Be your own critic
  23. Timing is everything
  24. ‘Mistakes don’t have to be mistakes.’ (Robert Rodriguez)
  25. Learn from your mistakes
  26. Shoot film
  27. review the basics
  28. Do a project

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